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Celebrate Your Favorites: Vote for Miss Arkansas' People's Choice!

The Miss Arkansas Scholarship Competition is back, and with it comes an exciting opportunity for fans to make their voices heard through the People's Choice awards. This year, voting is available for Miss, Teen, and Diamond participantseach with unique rewards for the winners.

Miss Arkansas People's Choice

By casting your vote for your favorite Miss Arkansas contestant, you not only show your support but also give her a guaranteed spot in the top 15 of the competition. This is a golden chance for contestants to shine on the big stage and advance further in the pageant. Vote for your favorite Miss contestant here.

Miss Arkansas' Teen People's Choice

Similarly, the People's Choice winner in the Teen category will secure a coveted place in the top 15. This opportunity allows a talented young woman to showcase her abilities and make a significant impression in the competition. Cast your vote for your favorite Teen contestant here.

Miss Arkansas Diamond People's Choice

For our youngest participants, the Diamond category offers a delightful reward. The People's Choice winner will enjoy a tea party with Miss Arkansas royalty, bringing joy and unforgettable memories for the winner and two friends. Support your favorite Diamond participant here.

Your vote can make a difference in our candidates' journey, providing them with opportunities to excel and shine. Join us in celebrating the talent and dedication of these remarkable young women by casting your vote today!

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